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A content item becomes a product if it has a ProductPart and a price providing part (e.g. PricePart, PriceVariantsPart, or TieredPricePartPart).

Fields and properties

  • SKU (string): The product's stock keeping unit, used for identification purposes. Must be globally unique and cannot contain the hyphen (-) character.
  • CanBeBought (IDictionary<string, bool>): Determines whether the product can currently be bought based on current inventory settings. If there is no InventoryPart on the product, it is unused. This is not editable in the product's editor.
  • ProductImage (MediaField): Allows selecting an image from the Media Library that will be displayed on the product's page.

Usage examples

The SKU and the Product Image properties can be set in the product's editor.


If Product Image is set, it will appear on the product's page.