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Payment Providers

Orchard Core Commerce supports multiple payment providers and allows developers to extend it further with their own.

Official payment providers

Each provider is a stand-alone feature you can turn on or off.

  • Stripe: A production-ready provider for
  • Dummy: A development-only provider that lets you click through the checkout without going off-site. Mainly used for UI testing.

Creating your own

To create a custom payment provider your code must contain the following:

  • An implementation of IPaymentProvider registered as a service.
  • A shape type Checkout{provider.Name}, such as CheckoutStripe.cshtml and CheckoutDummy.cshtml.

The IPaymentProvider contains implementable methods used by the CheckoutController. To learn more about the individual methods in the interface, check out the individual methods' XML documentation.

The shape has the payment button that will be displayed on the ~/checkout screen. It's up to you to include the front-end logic that calls out to your payment processor and to provide a callback URL. For the latter you can use the ~/checkout/callback/{providerName}/{orderId?} action. It handles some basic state checking and redirection, but otherwise lets you resolve the pending order using IPaymentProvider.UpdateAndRedirectToFinishedOrderAsync().