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Products and Prices

To create a content type that represents a sellable product, you must give it a Product part and either Price or PriceVariant part as well. You may have multiple different content types that represent different classes of product but they all must follow this rule.

ℹ Use the Orchard Core Commerce - Content - Product recipe to set up a fully featured Product content type.

  • ProductPart: contains the product's stock keeping unit (SKU) which has to be globally unique.
  • PricePart: contains a single price for the product.
  • PriceVariantsPart: contains multiple prices. This part uses any Text Product Attribute Field the content type has, where the Restrict to predefined values checkbox is checked in the field's settings. If you have multiple such fields, it creates a price field for each possible combination. For example if you have Size (S; M; L) and Color (Red; Blue) then you can give separate prices for Small Red, Medium Blue, etc.
  • TieredPricePart: contains multiple prices based on selected quantity.

You can add fields to a product content type, the buyer can use these to enter further details for their order:

There are more optional details regarding prices, see the Taxation and Promotions pages.